12 Hand Drawn Lettering & Typography Logos for inspiration for 2019


With today’s technology, programs and tools as graphic designers we are a very lucky and a bit spoilt. The inception of graphic design, however, was all done by hand everything from logo design to advertising was done without a computer. Digital graphic design was only utilized in the 1990s as a result of the revolutionary changes in computer technology.

With more designers using touchscreens and tablets and not having to use ink and paper, the hand-drawn logo is becoming more widely used and will most definitely be a trend in 2019. Here are some hand drawn logos we wanted to share to give you some inspiration on a new technique you could start using in 2019 to make your portfolio some variety.

1. The Syge by Dalibor Momcilovic

2. Kindred by Savanamm

3. Keg Greek Brewing by Oxide Design Co

4. Jason Carne Trade Card by Jason Carne

5. Twintail Clothing Co by Canales & Co

6. Ocean Blue by Mike – Creative Mints

7. Owens Valley Distilling Co. by Project 4

8. Nomad by Yokaona

9. Union Fire Co. by Tom Lane

10. The Outlands Beer Company by Dalibor Momcilovic

11. Roots by Stuart Smythe

12. Armstrong by Martin Schmetzer

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