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The social media platform known as Reddit has an interesting backstory of the infamous little alien known as Snoo that’s been Reddits mascot since day one. Designed by the co-founder Alexis Ohanian Sr. while bored in his senior marketing class at UVA before Reddit had even been founded, he went home that night and digitalized the mascot in Paintshop Pro 5. The Reddit mascot had no meaning Alexis Ohanian Sr. just enjoyed doodling and really wanted the mascot in the Reddit logo.

Original Snoo Doodle later used in a Reddit logo for fun.


Original concepts by Alexis Ohanian Sr. in 2005, whilst still undecided on the spelling with some concepts having different spelling until finally deciding on the now famous Reddit.

 Draft posted by Alexis via Google+ here.

The mascot Snoo who is neither male or female as Alexis didn’t think the sex of the alien would have any meaning in the future. The little mascots name Snoo didn’t come from nowhere, it’s supposed to have the meaning of “What’s New” which fits Reddits goal of showcasing social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.

Although the Reddit logo and website design its self-hasn’t changed much there has been slight updates through the years. The original logo design hadn’t changed for 13 years but in May of 2018 Reddits website design and logo had a major update.

August 2005 – 2018


May 2018

You can even dress your own Snoo via http://chir.ag/alien. Every subreddit can design their own Snoo Mascot as their logo.

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