How to create your first Graphic Design Portfolio for 2019


Your portfolio is your key to land your dream job in 2019.

So the time has come, you have finished and graduated with your certificate in one hand and a stunning graphic design portfolio in the other. Well not quite and don’t think you’re alone, no one who has just graduated will have a stunning graphic design portfolio that’s going to guarantee them a job straight out of studying.

Although there is no right way there are some key steps to creating a beautiful and creative graphic design portfolio that stands out from the rest. You want your future employer to know that you have the skills to make it in the industry.

Show a variety of your skills.

Diversity is important in showcasing your skills across all design platforms. You want to show that you can design a Logo in Illustrator, a magazine cover in InDesign or create a stunning user experience in XD. This shows you have a broad understanding and the skills to go in any direction while working on different projects within the company.

From an idea to a finished project. 

One of the most overlooked steps in creating a graphic design portfolio is to show your workflow. Providing a case study that starts with the concept and shows how you completed your project is a lot more useful than just providing an end product. Your future employee wants to see more than just a design, the fact is a hundred other people applying for the job are showcasing very similar design ideas to you. By showing a step by step workflow you are showing how your skills can be transferable into any project.

Less is more.

Limit your designs, you’re better with 3 amazing designs rather than 10 average designs. It’s easy to get carried away and dump every project you have ever worked on into your graphic design portfolio. Although you might be proud of all your work a potential employer only wants to see your best work. If you need some inspiration check out some portfolios here.

Understand your future employer.

Research will actually be a huge part of your everyday schedule so it’s not too soon to start. If you’re applying for a finance firm your designs for a nightclub are going to be irrelevant. Doing research for the job you are applying for shows you have more than just design skills. Recruiters will definitely notice the extra effort and will make you much more desirable.

Real world experience. 

If you want to stand out from other graduates try to get some real world experience by volunteering for a Not for Profit or doing some design work for a friend that is starting a business or may not have the best logo. Showing that you have real world experience is highly desirable, it shows you can handle working with clients and meet a client’s needs.

Create a stunning design portfolio to showcase your designs with Wix HERE. 

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